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Cyprus is situated at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys hot dry summers and mild winters – with winter temperatures ranging from 15 – 20 degrees.  Long periods of sunshine can be guaranteed almost throughout the entire year.

It is easily accessible from all major European and Middle-Eastern cities via scheduled airline routes and charter flights into two new international airports at Larnaca and Paphos.

Cyprus’ thriving capital, Nicosia, has an historic well-preserved walled city centre surrounded by modern commercial and industrial districts, smart shopping areas, and quiet outer residential suburbs. Nicosia is just 30 minutes from Larnaca International Airport via the fast highway network.

A member-state of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus joined the Euro zone in January 2008. Cyprus time is Eastern European time.

Flight times to Cyprus are short:
Moscow – 41/2 hours
Vienna – 3 hours
Belgrade - 21/2 hours
Bahrain - 3 hours
London - 41/2 hours.