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German Elite athletes:?(sphere, discus and javelin) Three groups from the German Federation were accommodated for a third consecutive year during March and April for their last pre season training to claim a spot at the Olympics 2012 in London. As we are informed till now, five (5) of the athletes got the limit for the Olympic games.

Cypriot Elite Athletes:

Kyriacos Ioannou, Eleny Artymata, Parellis Apostolos, Panos Ioannou, Ramona Papaioannou, Petros Sofianos and George Aresti, were accommodated for at least 6 months time, from November till June and they were more than pleased with the hospitality and food that we provided.?

Greek Elite Athletes:

Most of the Greek elite athletes were accommodated in Allegra from January to June to prepare for the Olympic games. Some athletes came for a first time here. They loved the Sport Center's facilities and food and most of them said that they were impressed by the family-friendly environment and they are looking forward to stay again next year.?

APOEL FC?continued its stay at Allegra till the end of the football season. An important fact to mention is that when APOEL FC played against Real Madrid FC, coach of Real Madrid FC, Jose Murinio, was invited to have a coffee break in our second floor lobby with APOEL's coach Ivan Jovanovic, and had spend some time at our facilities looking impressed by the comfort and style of our Sport Center.

Football National teams:

We have accommodated the National Team of Women U-19, Futsal National team of Cyprus and Lebanon and U-13 National team of Cyprus.


Many seminars took place in our facilities with important companies like Pair Quality Link, MK Knowledge, Eurosuccess and Soccer Conference. We even had organized seminars with a company from Spain were they had spend almost one week having seminars and been accommodated at Allegra. They loved the facilities and staff and they were looking forward to come again to Allegra. Also CFA board organizes its weekly meetings in our conferences were they like the facilities and easy way to meet here from all over the cities of Cyprus.

German Athletes that stayed in Allegra for the third consecutive year said:

In the name of all our group members, I want to say thank you for hosting us at Allegra from 23.04. - 10.05.2012.
Last competition brings us a lot of limits to go to the Olympics in London.

All of our group enjoyed the days at Allegra. Please say thank you to the kitchen. We love the food they made for us!
Thank you also to the Sport Center (reception, room made, laundry, Yiannis Avgousti) for easy doing at all times.
I/ll let you know, when we will come back next year, to prepare us for the world Championships 2013 in Moscow.

Jurgen Schult
Head coach Throws GERMANY

Group of 25 Children from Japan with their escorts

The group of 25 children from Japan and their escorts, were brought to Cyprus by the WFWP (Women's Federation of World Peace) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus (MFA Cyprus) that covered all of their expenses. These children with their escorts were victims of the recent earthquake in Japan. They had spend Christmas and New Year in Cyprus and were accommodated at our Sport Center for a period of 9 days.

They have left Cyprus with the best impression and comments, as Mrs. Zoe Bennett (Vice President of WFWP) had send us a letter, thanking all the personnel of Allegra for their excellent hospitality, food preparation and assistance to the Japanese children.

We would like to thank the MFA of Cyprus (special thanks to Mr. Demetris Theophylactou) and WFWP that chose our Sport Center for the accommodation.

We would also like to wish the children, to have the mental and psychic strength to overcome their loss of loved persons or properties and houses and to enjoy their life back home. We hope to see them back one day at our Sport Center.

Eleni Artymata was accommodated at the Sport Center for a period of one month during her first preparation before the Olympics 2012 in London. She is a track and fieldsprint athlete, who competes internationally for Cyprus.

Artymata represented Cyprus at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She competed at the 200 metres, where she reached the second round. She won two medals, a gold in the 200 m and a bronze in the 100 m at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara. She also won two gold at the 2005 Games of the Small States of Europe.

At the 2009 World Athletics Championships, she reached the final of the 200 metres, where she finished 8th. She recorded her personal best in the 200 m of 22.64 seconds in the semi finals of the same event.

Panayiotis Ioannou was accommodated at the Sport Center for a period of one month during his first preparation before the Olympics 2012 in London. He is a track and field sprint athlete, who competes internationally for Cyprus.

Ioannou represented Cyprus at the Mediterranean Games in Peskara in 2009 where he finished 6th in the 100m with a time of 10.43.

Ramona Papaioannou was accommodated at the Sport Center for a period of one month during her first preparation before the Olympics 2012 in London. She is a track and fieldsprint athlete, who competes internationally for Cyprus.

Papaioannou represented Cyprus in the Games of Small States of Europe where she finished 1st in 100m and 2nd in 200m.

Kyriacos Ioannou was accommodated at the Sport Center for a period of ten days during his preparation in Cyprus for the Olympics of 2012 in London. He is a Cypriothigh jumper and he is the best of all times in Cyprus.

His personal best jump and Cypriot national record is 2.35 meters, achieved at the 2007 World Championships held in Osaka where he won the bronze medal. He became the first World Championships medalist from Cyprus. In the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, he won the silver medal.

AEK Larnaca FC used our Sport Center in all of their Europa League Group Stage home games in GSP Stadium. AEK Larnaca FC is the first team ever in Cyprus that achieved an entering in this competition. AEK FC was pleased with the facilities of the Sport Center and with the quality of food that was provided by our Chef and kitchen staff.

APOEL FC continues to stay at the Sport Center for all of its games in the Cypriot League as well as for all of its Champions League Group Stage home games. APOEL FC is the first team ever in Cyprus that has achieved a second entering in the best European competition and the first team ever in Cyprus that achieved an entering at the round of 16th best teams in Europe.
We would like to wish APOEL FC all the best for the forthcoming Cypriot Championship but also for the two games at the round of 16th. APOEL FC has taken the right to call it self the best team in Cyprus, especially after adjusting itself in the elite group of teams in Europe.

National Football Team of Cyprus has been accommodated at our Sport Center for all European Group Stage games in order to claim a spot in Euro 2012. Despite not managing to enter the above competition we would like to wish them all the best for the forthcoming group stage games in order to claim a spot in the World Cup 2014.

International Badminton Competition. Most of the foreign athletes that competed in the tournament in Cyprus were accommodated at our Sport Center.

Xanthi FC were accommodated at our Sport Center for their pre season training preparation for a period of ten days. The team manager and the coach of Xanthi FC left our Sport Center with the best comments and they were delighted with the design of the Sport Center, the food quality from our kitchen and our professional football fields for training.

Conferences: During months November and December the following companies had their conferences taken place at our Sport Center:

Quality Link, Carrefour, KM Knowledge, Shukuroglu, CTC Automotives, David-S Hairstylists.
Most of the above conferences had a full day seminar with lunch at our restaurant. Their comments where excellent and they will continue using our Sport Center when organizing new seminars for their employees or managers.

The Olympic discus gold medalist Robert Harting together with the German National team stayed at Allegra for performing their training camp.

International football tournament at GSP Stadium and Allegra Sport Center 28 & 29 December 2010.

The German National Olympic Athletic team perform a worm weather training session at Allegra GSP Sport Center.

GYNAKEIOS OMILOS PROTOPORIA organized a cooking demonstration and presentation of the new recipe book of Mrs. Atena Loizidis.

Press conference, announcing the cooperation between Bwin and Apoel FC, held at Allegra.

On 24 September 2010 a new collaboration between APOEL FC and LUMIER TV was presented at a friendly atmosphere at Allegra.

We would very much like to thank the Football Federation of Cyprus, Israel and Georgia for their kind cooperation with Allegra Sport Center.
National teams of Israel, Cyprus and Georgia performed a successful training session and friendly games during August and September 2010.
We are very proud to announce that Allegra was chosen by the Olympiakos FC Nicosia and Ethniki Axna FC for their pre- game accommodation.

The new Summer Look of Esee Lauder was presented at a special working breakfast event at Allegra on 12/05/2010. The girls were expired by the unique atmosphere of Allegra  and enjoyed it very much and had fun under the sun.

The presentation of the new Burberry Sport Summer Perfume by the company Papaellinas Organization was held on 17/03/2010 at Allegra Sport Bar. Representatives of all MM had the chance to sense the stylish fragrances and enjoy the cocktail afterwards.

The Easter bazaar of the charity organization VAGONI AGAPIS was organized  at Allegra Sport Center on 13/03/2010.

The corridors of the Sport Center were full of people ready to support this excellent idea.

Mrs. Tasoulla Vasiliou, Mrs. Iris Ioannou and Mrs. Constantina Kyriakou hosted an afternoon tea on 28/02/2010 at Allegra Sport Center. The ladies enjoyed the delicious home made sweets and pastries at the relaxing sitting launches of Allegra.

Allegra GSP Sport Center hosted the after game coffee break of the national ladies football team of Switzerland.

The Annual meeting of Cyprus Football Association was held on 28/01/2010 with the participation of all national teams leaders. They enjoyed the excellent food and drinks at the relaxing atmosphere of the Allegra Top Floor Bar.

The Company Faceless Business has held its Conference at Allegra with the special participation of the famous trainer Anne Merren from United States of America with great success. The participants enjoyed the sunny whether in Cyprus.

Allegra recently hosted one of this year?s Champions League teams - APOEL of Nicosia. APOEL was one of the first teams to stay at Allegra since opening, and the team members expressed their thanks to the staff and management for the excellent hospitality they received. Allegra wishes APOEL every success for its remaining games in the Champions League.